That which is above/ahead of you...
Your future... Present Position Crossing/Opposing Forces Your past...
That which is beneath/behind you...
Your ultimate outcome.
Your hopes, fears, concerns
Your environment; how others see you.
Where you will find yourself...

The Celtic Cross is probably the best known and most widely used Tarot card spread, because it places the reader at the center of his/her universe and builds the universe around the reader. As the spread moves outward in scope, more and more about the reader's surroundings is revealed, until an ultimate pathway guides the reader to a projected conclusion. As with all spreads, there is a certain amount of conjecture and intuition on the part of the reader as to the nature of the meaning of each card in the spread.

This card represents you in your present position. That which is the here and now as a culmination of all that has led you to this point.
This card represents that which crosses/opposes you at this moment. It could represent a person or item, or a problem or issue that you are having. Or even the belief that a problem exists.
This card represents that which is above you - or is just coming into your life. The immediate future.
This card represents that which is beneath you - or is just passing out of your life. The recent past.
This card represents that which is behind you. The distant or long-term past.
This card represents that which lies before you. The long-term future.
This card represents the position in which you will soon find yourself. The number one card if events continue to unfold as they presently are.
This card represents the environment and world around you. The way others view you.
This card is representative of your thoughts, hopes, fears, and concerns. A physical manifestation of that which is troubling you.
This card represents the final outcome, and suggests a course of action.