The Unexpected
Your Present Expectations Your Immediate Future
Present Position Your Long-Term Future

The 5-Card Horseshoe Spread is a simple layout intended to give the reader a quick answer or answers to some very basic problems and concerns. The spread can be repeated multiple times to represent different aspects of a problem, and can also be combined with other spreads for a more complete and overall reading.

This card represents you in your present position. That which is the here and now as a culmination of all that has led you to this point.
This card represents your present expectations; that which you believe is in your present or future. Your current and future outlook.
This card represents the unexpected. That which is hidden from you, but may come to pass.
This card represents your immediate future; those persons, ideas or circumstances which lie just out of reach, but are approaching and will be arriving shortly.
This card represents your long-term future.