Your Spiritual Position
Difficulty Responsibility
Opposing Matters
Helpful Matters
Communication & Career Emotional Relationships
Unconscious Foundation
Home & Family

The Tree of Life is a very complex spread, and is somewhat unusual in its layout, in that the root (the very essence of our humanity) is at the top of the tree, rather than at the bottom. It also seems to lay out the conflicting/negative aspects of our lives on the left side, and the harmonious/positive characteristics on the right. It would suggest that by balancing positions (cards) 1 thru 5, will we know a certain amount of achievement in card 6. (Of course, it is possible to achieve failure, drastic change or violent destruction if an ill-placed card winds up in position 6!) Furthermore, the spread suggests that emotional relationships are diametrically opposed to career and communication, and that they are built upon an unconscious foundation, which is itself built upon a foundation of home and family.

I imagine this spread is useful to someone who is trying to divine where their baseline difficulties and areas for improvement fall within the cosmic scheme. Bear in mind that, with the Tarot, a balance or reconciliation of opposites must be achieved. By suggesting areas of imbalance or difficulty, and areas that are helpful or leading to achievement, a reader can discern where the true issues lay.

This card represents your spritual position.
This card represents a struggle or difficulty you are encoutering.
This card represents helpful matters within your current situation.
This card represents problems or opposing forces within your current situation.
This card represents that which is behind you. The distant or long-term past.
This card stands for achievement. That which will bring you victory or satisfaction with regard to the situation.
This card represents your emotional relationships.
This card represents your position with regard to communication and career.
This card is representative of the unconscious foundation; dreams and the unknown.
This card represents home and family situation.