About the Artist

She grew up drawing and painting.Her desire to paint lead her to artist Julie Hall Rocke in 1992 with whom she studied painting in various mediums and began her journey to becoming a professional artist. She also attended several workshops in mediums such as pencil, watercolor, and photography at local colleges to add technical skills to her natural eye for composition and design.
In 2014 she completed the ‘Illustrator Master Class’ at Amherst College, A one week intensive with the instruction of some of the finest illustrators in the country! And additional online working classes follow.

In addition to working on the Tarot paintings, she has completed her first book cover. A historical romance novel “Hearken to Avalon”.  Her works have been shown at the juried Art On The Mountain show 2004 & 2005 Wilmington VT and the Northeastern Fine Arts Juried Exhibition at the Green Trees Gallery Northfield MA 2005. As well as at various galleries and art fairs throughout New England.
The artist and a local small business person got together to arrange for her to spend the next five years working on the deck. It was published first as a Majors only (22 named cards) in 2016 and then finished in 2019. A related book was developed and the full deck was printed in 2020 amidst a world gone crazy.

(For reasons of the pandemic and other personal issues, the artist’s identity is publicly withheld)
More about the artist is available on special request, If so, contact us.

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