Book and Quick Reference Guide

Quick reference Ap

TarotMuertos now has a phone quick reference ap – to get it, click to

Printed Material

TarotMuertos tarot deck has 2 forms of printed material. Both are available now digitally as PDFs to registered owners.

You can see them (but not download) here, once you get your deck, then register it.
Both the sheets and the deck are available.

The Guide is 5 pages with a thumbnail image and summary of each card, divided by Majors and suits:

  • Quick Reference Guide (pdf of 5 pages)

    Book chapters (register to get the regular book version)

  • Intro and descripton of deck
  • Majors cards
  • Grail Suit
  • Pentacles Suit
  • Scepters Suit
  • Swords Suit
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