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Two of Scepters – Dos de Cetros

The man in the Two of scepters is holding a small globe and stands on the roof of a castle, looking out over a vast terrain to the right and an ocean to the left. The globe in his hands represents that the world is his oyster and there is huge potential if he can expand his horizons to encompass broader life experiences. He understands his ambition and knows what must be done. He is wearing an orange tunic, which symbolizes an enthusiastic approach to life, and a red hat, symbolizing a passion for adventure.

The Two of scepters takes the spark of inspiration from the Ace of scepters and matures it into an actual path forward. Thus, the Two of scepters is all about planning and progressing.
The Two of scepters is also about discovery, particularly as you step outside of your comfort zone and explore new worlds and new experiences. It may take some courage to take the first step.
The Twos in Tarot often represent decisions of some sort.
In the case of the Two of scepters, you are making a decision between sticking with what you know, or expanding your horizons and taking a risk.

This card shows the patience and focus of your intent.
Female Back, facing away, Globe Shape with mountain faraway.
Scene inside globe. (* hand)

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