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seven of Pentacles
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Seven of Pentacles – Siete de Pentaculos

Upright: Vision, perseverance, profit, reward, investment

Reversed: Lack of long-term vision, limited success or reward
The Seven of Pentacles shows that you have a strong desire to invest in those things that will provide long-term benefit. You understand the value of putting in time and energy now for longer-term rewards, and you are not necessarily looking for ‘quick wins’ as such. The Seven of Pentacles indicates that if you have been working extra hard or putting in extra effort into something, it will finally pay off. Your effort will definitely be worth it and you will see the results and rewards for your labor. The Seven of Pentacles may therefore represent fear of failure, delays and frustration. Sometimes, however, the Seven of Pentacles can denote frustration. You have been laboring away at something important and you may be starting to feel concerned that you will never be rewarded for your efforts.
The Seven of Pentacles portrays a young man taking a rest from the difficult work of harvesting his abundant crop. He has been labouring long and hard in his garden. The foliage is full and the blossoms are out. It seems that his work has paid off. He gazes meditatively at the pentacles hanging from the rich greenery of the thicket in which he works and seems to be contemplating the value of his efforts. He is finally taking a break to admire his handiwork and the benefits of his labour.

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