Update as of Dia 2021

The TarotMuertos Deck was first published as a Majors only deck in 2015.
It was then expanded to a full 78 card deck by 2019.
The cards are all based on high resolution photographs of large (20×18) watercolors.

All cards represent a card from the Rider–Waite-Smith Tarot.   Each card has the card name in English and Spanish.

There are 2 editions with a very different card look:

First edition:
Red names and black borders

Second edition:
Pale names and surround

There are more details on this page:The Story

The artwork was created by Laurel Thorndike of Ashfield, MA,
and there is more of her story at About the artist

There is a digital book here with a printable quick reference sheet (6 pages)
at: The Book and quick reference

The greeting cards printed from the Majors deck are still available,
See the cards

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