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Daughter of Scepters – Hija de Cetros

elemental: Fire, Color: Red, spark/inspiration Zodiac: Aries, Leo, Sagitarius

Upright: Enthusiasm, exploration, discovery, free spirit
Reversed: Setbacks to new ideas, pessimism, lack of direction

Rider-Waite: Uses Wands while Dia uses Scepters

The Page of Wands is a well-dressed young man who stands alone in the midst of a barren wilderness,
talking out loud of his dreams and desires. This scene indicates that much of the Page’s creative energy is still very much only a potential or, at best, only an idea. He holds his staff upwards and looks to it with confidence. His shirt is covered with the design of salamanders, a mythical creature that is associated with fire and transformation.

The Page of Wands is similar to the Fool in that he is a free spirit who represents change- and new beginnings. He has a true passion for life, despite his understanding of this world is not yet fully developed, the Page of Wands indicates that you are experiencing a creative restlessness within you that is just waiting for some sort of expression, or, you may be on the verge of some sort of discovery or new phase of life.

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