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daughter of Grails
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Daughter of Grails – Hija de Grails

Grails/Cups = elemental: water, color: blue, spiritual love & emotion zodiac: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Upright: A messenger, creative beginnings, synchronicity
Reversed: Emotional immaturity, creative block

The Page of Cups, like the Pages in all the suits, represents some sort of beginning or renewal.

The Page of Cups indicates the surprising and unexpected nature of inspiration that comes to_us From the realm of the unconscious and the spirit. Inspiration is seen to be something which comes upon us most unexpectedly and often in a manner which we do not understand.

Your unconscious mind is also trying to speak to you, possibly through your dreams or through synchronistic encounters with significant people. The message to be taken is that you must be open to the unexpected, occasionally bizarre impulses of die creative spirit and not shut out inspiration simply because it does not fit in with a rational point of view. The Page of Cups may also be an indication that your intuition is very sharp and you may receive messages from your unconscious mind. You may be more inclined to act on a hunch or have a psychic experience. This is a good time to trust your intuition and your gut feeling.

If you cease to dream, then your dreams shall never come true because they do not exist anymore. In
your darkest moments, dreams can often provide a ray of hope through with the Page of Cups can manifest. Dare to dream and all things become possible.

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